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25 Customer Reviews

by Ted Morrison

Apr 30, 2022

SleekShop Selling Counterfeit Fake Product Brands

Selling Counterfeit Product brands, be careful with this organization, bad reviews in the BBB.
Philippines owners ( " Andrew Ngo") always cheating.

by Howell421

Apr 20, 2022

Don't trust reviews so much

Yes I read the bad reviews. Complain to the company on how my order was so late. I threatened them to write to BBB. They wrote back right away telling me my order was made on a Friday so it wasn't shipped till the following Monday. I got my shipment the following week everything was fine. I ordered again because they had products at a lower price even with shipping. Got my order just fine. I'm one who helps smaller businesses and really try not to use Amazon so much. So I apologize and will continue to order from this company. Thanks

by Washington745

Jan 31, 2022

Very poor client service: slow shippong

I placed an order and after 12 days I still have not received and when I inquired to the company they told me to be patient. I have no idea if I will ever revive the product and am extremely dissatisfied with this company and their client service.

by Erika Lawrence

Jan 26, 2022

Birthday scam

On your Birthday Month they give you a code to save $10. There is no place to enter this code, so you end up paying full price NO discount. Contacting ******* takes several days to reply and they will send you a false claim that it was your fault. Not a fan of this company.

by Fred668

Sep 01, 2021

Impossible to contact for exchange/refund

Ordered two bottles of White Sands Liquid Texture styling formula for hot tool use, specifiying in the instructions that I did NOT want the hair spray, but the thermal lotion. Ordered arrived with two bottles of hair spray. Found it impossible to contact the company for an exchange. Called the *******813 number multiple times and nobody available, went online to customer service at ******* and it takes you to the site saying they are unavailable so please call, and back and forth and back and forth. Went to the website and found a Chat, but it said they are off line. Later tried the chat again as it said they were available, and got no response to my message after half an hour. What gives here? First, they can't read or they would not have sent me what I specifically said I did not want. Second, I find it shady that no matter which of the three ways you are given to contact them results in no contact. Went to the Better Business Bureau and found multiple complaints about this company. I would not ever order from this company again. I don't believe they are legit.

by Juan264

Aug 03, 2021

Lost a customer for life

Have been a customer for over a year and have always been pleased with their pricing and service. I placed a $60 order on 7/22 that never got sent (but I received shipping updates stating it'd been shipped 7/23). When I reached out to customer service today to find out where my order was, their customer rep, Sassy Benidicto, was helpful in discovering my order had never shipped – and that they didn't have the items ordered in stock. However, she offered to create a draft order with similar items that would allow me to receive my items this week. When I opened the draft order it had a $35 fee for expedited shipping. Given that the shipping delay was purely their fault, I asked if they would wave the fee. I was given a hard no. And I was told that it was my issue given that I didn't chose expedited shipping in the first place. Had I know that my items wouldn't arrive when expected, I simply would have ordered them elsewhere. So, SleekShop has lost a customer for life over an error they made and the lack of willingness to eat a one-time $35 shipping fee.

by Madison357

Feb 09, 2021

Just nasty

I bought an eyebrow gel and just arrived. The seal was off on stuck on the box. The box had hair dusk, the tiny hair-like dusk that accumulations after years.

by Frank305

Jan 20, 2021

Immediately and most always, and with that, i 'm absolutely pleased. I 'm simply going to advise you

Immediately and most always, and with that, i 'm absolutely pleased. I 'm simply going to advise you to be remarkable and awesome.

by Vincent539

Dec 17, 2020

Incredible customer service

I was unable to complete the order due to shipping restrictions to South Africa. Sleek Shop customer service team were amazing: keeping me in informed of progress, making every effort to fulfill my order, processing my refund in record time! I would certainly purchase from them.

by Stacey W.

Dec 12, 2020

Avoid this company!

I made a purchase on Thanksgiving day. They sent me an open hazardous product that ruined the rest of the shipment because it spilled everything. They do not have live customer service, only through email that gives them time to keep your money longer. They told me that the products were damaged during transit because they wanted to blame USPS, but it was their fault they sent me an open product. They asked me to return the products, which I did and offered a replacement. They switched from that to not honoring the replacement and the Thanksgiving promo. They will take 3 weeks to "credit to my account". The full transaction is worth more than one hundred dollars. I don't even have the assurance that I will receive the "credit" because they did everything through email, outside of my account and their website. I am highly disappointed.

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